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Ramble Bahamas Review

A review and response to Ramble Bahamas.

Have you ever been to the Bahamas?

Beautiful Island. Loved by most for its captivating beauty: exotic resorts and rich culture. It’s a great island to escape to spend time with your family or your loved ones and it has an interesting culture as well. From the Arts to photography, it’s an interesting place to visit. And if you want to know more about this lovely Island, then Ramble Bahamas is the perfect site to visit.  Link to Ramble Bahamas  

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No one loves to gloat about the Bahamas like Ramble Bahamas.  

It’s a great website that allows the user to explore the different stories, events, narratives and historical background on a certain matter or topic. The website is also interactive as it provides word maps for the users. It’s quite amazing as the stories are often under a trending issue or topic within the Island and they are somehow connected. If you love to fast in people business  want to know more about the current events and  really want the real tea on the people of Bahamas and the country, then look no further.


I checked out some of the stories myself, and they were quite interesting. Sometimes you don’t need a book to hear a good story, because the people around us are already walking with the greatest story if you only lend an ear to listen.  And I know some of ya’ll have a distaste towards old stories and history but it can be fun once you are willing to hear about it. 

If you’re a student wanting to do some research on a certain aspect of the Island’s history, or you want more information on an attraction, location or place. Maybe you are doing a travel blog and want more historic information. Whatever the reason, this site certainly has a fair share of stories that may help you. 

History is important. And this website certainly values it and contributes to maintaining the awareness and appreciation of history.

We can also play our part by supporting them. Check out their website and recommend it to those who need it. Let’s preserve history and share each other’s stories.

By J.L. Boynes

Hey there! I'm a Jamaican writer and English teacher. Lover of books and the Arts. A foodie, a believer, and a source of light. I encourage friendly interaction and discussion about general and personal subjects. All are welcome!

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