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Celebrating and Defining Womanhood

Whatever the case, I thought what better way to celebrate women than letting them speak for themselves.

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Stand Up: Violence against Women in Jamaica

In 2017, Jamaica held the world’s second-highest rate of female homicides. That is terrifying and disgraceful and it still has not improved today. Jamaica had always been plagued by violence and human trafficking for a long while and it seems as if the government is showing very little empathy towards violence against women especially. I […]

Film Review Pixar's Soul

Film Review: Pixar’s Soul

There are plenty of things to appreciate in this film. The jazz music and soundtrack, the banter between the two main characters, and the representation of the black community. But what really struck me was the overall message of the film.

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“The Dutty Man” and Grooming in Jamaica

It’s concerning how pedophilia is normalized. It’s so ingrained into the Jamaican culture to the point where people either don’t realize it or they just don’t care to identify it as an issue.

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You have Your Mother’s Eyes

Most of the people I encounter in my life say that I look like my mother. Even I have to admit that the resemblance is uncanny. Not only in terms of looks, but I’ve also adapted her mannerism, her personality, her food preferences, and other things. However, one thing that I did not inherit from her naturally was the way she believed a young woman should behave or perform.

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Yeah, went to private school. What about it?

It was then the reality of class separation really hit me, and it wasn’t really a pleasant experience.

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Ramble Bahamas Review

A review and response to Ramble Bahamas.